Sunday, 7 January 2018

Poem: Dancer in the dark

you're a dancer in the dark
not knowing what and who you will become
floating in the ocean like an astronaut
pieces of stardust flowing through your blood
of a story that started long before knowing
like ripping out a page, burning it to dust
and let wind to take its meaning
what you're here to endure will be revealed along the path
we're here to hold our sadness to each his own
but may you not follow what others will lay out for you
may you look yourself in the mirror and recognize
your true self looking back at you
others will force their expectations upon you
and deep inside you'll know you won't be able to achieve them
being contradictory and ever-changing
which may leave you confused and wishing for something
to fit into an idea not yours
the thing is though, most people have no idea
leading a safe life in order to survive
don't be busy with living or days will pass you by
leave you empty yearning for something more
don't force too much of yourself, of if you do, ignite!
dive into the flame and keep it burning

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Blog: Even if you fall flat down on your face... least you are moving forward. That's a good motto. It's hard to pick up things, where I've left of. One of my biggest regrets this year is for not writing more, but on the other hand, there are so many other things going on, that I don't mind it that much. So the dust seeps through, like the sand in a sand clock.

When I look back on the things that happened this year it seems like a long time ago, yet the weeks go by like somebody is just snapping with his fingers. Now that makes me sound old. But does the time go faster as you get older??

Let's start with travelling... In May we went on a short road trip Austria - Italy and back to Slovenia. First we visited Lago di Fusine in Italy, then we visited Pfarre Thorl Maglern on the way to Arnoldstein Abbey. The next stop on the way was Wissensee and a long walk. On the way we saw an interesting little village of Lass and took another walk, it was calm and beautiful (they have a marked themed path with different local features, like petrified trees). We stayed in pension Lesachtalerhof in Liesing, which has an amazing view, kind owners and a very comfortable bath and shower. 

The next day we hiked around Liesing and local forests and hills. We also took a drive to Lienz to see the castle and to the Tristacher See. We only drove through the Obertilliach, but the scenery was amazing. On the third day we went through Maria Luggau to Innichen abbey and we were back to Italy. We stopped at Lago di Dobbiaco (lovely scenery), Lago di Landro and finally we reached Lago di Misurina at alt. of 1754 meters.

At Lake Misurina
Then we were of discovering different mountain passes, like Passo Tre Croci at 1809 m, and we arrived at Cortina d'Ampezzo. We found another lake - Lago di Valle di Cadore, and we were off discovering even more passes, like Sella Ciampigotto at 1790m, Sella di Razzo at 1760 m, Sella di Rioda at 1800 m, that's where the snow started to fall. 

And we made 80 km more than we planned, since the road was closed like 5 km before we would reach the village we were supposed to spent the night. On the way we saw yet another lake - Lago di Sauris. Finally we reached a small little village of Pesariis and we spent the night in Casa Pesarina - a really lovely studio apartment and since it was May, we were the only visitors there. Through the village you can see all sorts of different clocks and how they developed. The local economy is centered on watch production; despite its small size, it is one of the most important Italian centers for watch production, and hosts an important Museum of Clocks. 

We hiked through the village and the local hills and then we where on the way back to home land. On the way we stopped at some interesting sceneries like Torrente Raccolana, and found a fountain - Fontanone di Goriuda. There were more mountain passes on the way, like Sella Nevea at 1190 m and Predil Pass at 1156 m. We also stopped at Lago di Predil, Koritnica and the final stop was Bovec.

In summer we went for a week to the sea, we stayed in Starigrad, Croatia in Pension Kiko. It's really close to national park Paklenica as well, so we had a lot of opportunity to hike and then take a swim, which is a perfect combination! Paklenica is where they also shoot Winnetou.

In August we visited Minimundus:

And Vrbsko jezero or Klagenfurt See and went onto Pyramidenkogel.

As for sports, for now I've run 865 km and hiked abour 230 km this year. I've participated in three organized runs: Nočna 10ka in July (I think it was my third time), Milanja trail with 17 km in June and Bovec marathon with 22 km in September.

We had good weather at Milanja Trail, despite being a bit windy on top. The feeling was great, the people around where kind and encouraging. I was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis last year and it took awhile to solve it. But by June the knee was working perfectly.

Bovec marathon was ... wet. Very much so. But luckily in the beginning it only showered a bit, the storm came when I was half done. Still the lightning and thunder were a bit scary. It was also the first time I ran in rain, so in the end I was really satisfied I was blister-free and that my choice of clothing was correct so I didn't get a cold. 

But I guess it wouldn't be me if I didn't get at least one injury per year. In July I fell again and one small rock really liked me and it bit me on the palm. On the picture above you can see the things I've used and am still using for the scar to get even better. The picture shows the progress of three months. It's really amazing our bodies can heal so.. it comes in handy.

At Ratitovec
In previous blogs I've also talked about IBS and the food sensitivities... and this year I've read a lot about LCHF diets and ketonic diets.. and surprisingly, my body strives on such a diet, IBS symptoms disappear. But maybe more about this later when I have it all figured out ;)

Friday, 29 September 2017

Poem: Welcome to the dream

From a speck you unfold like the universe
what is it that you take as a part of your essence?
The picture we send out to the world
can easily distort itself, the mirror shatters
In the darkest of nights and in the brightest of days
do you remain the same? True to what you believe?
Do you feel the core of your being unchanged?
Out of the million possibilities of who you could've been
you are who you are due to chance? Or some greater plan?
After everything that matters to you, has been taken away
can you still paint the sky a bright colour as a child?
Can you guess the cards you've been dealt?
When does it happen, can you tell, when your eyes become blind?
The heart singing in silence is the saddest sound,
- like the ocean slowly weeping
Voice boxes with nothing to say, but sell your humanity
How long can you run with your wounds unintended?
Hiding scars in all sorts of unexpected places.
I found the creature who would lick my wounds
deep in the forest of my own thoughts.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Poem: Gap between the breaths

whoever will get to taste my bones
and discover my highway full of secrets
there is an everlasting light which haunts me
in dreams I disappear completely to a place
where starlight kisses the sky
it ignites my skin for it knows my voice
stories wrapped in melody
in the gap between the breaths
songs are like bells calling us home
we ask ourselves hard questions
looking for answers our whole lives
in this wretched sea of denial
passion leads words to freedom
I am the ocean, a river of thoughts
flowing through the flesh
there are rooms with different versions
of our selves, various landscapes
through which we fought on our adventures
memories are like creatures
sneaking up on you in the middle of a sentence
the ones you feed, will gladly come back for more
and change their shape to fit in
others, they fade to black
sitting in silence until forgotten
unless they scheme to fill the melody
in the gap between the breaths

Poem: Oblivion

wind forgot how to roam
dust soundlessly covers up the valley
where we dig to discover our secrets
we've been hiding for ages
obsessed with putting cages
on things we can't control
hiding them somewhere safe
or so they keep on telling us
but do we ever see
we're the ones being caged too
so profoundly, keeping our selves busy
in our important lives
hungry for food and entertainment
seemingly never having enough
denying the meaning of the word
blinded by the glitter
breathing the constant high
abused as long as we have something to sell
running the machine we can't stop
living in our hypnosis, deciding
what is real and what is not
what is right and what is not
time passes, yet we don't look up
to face the monster
world doesn't care for your dreams,
hopes and sorrows, only for the symmetry
between your bones and how young
your skin appears to be
in this oblivion we fall
into the realm of the forgotten
our lives but a deck of cards
caught in a spiders' web
life drips from us,
like an i.v. infusion
. . .

Once I thought it would be possible to publish a poetry collection every three years. It's been three years since my last one. This is the third poem I've written this year. So you see where this is going. Maybe sometime in the future, but there's no deadline. Someday.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Poem: Roots

Photos borrowed from StockSnap and Unsplash

mountains float like clouds in the distance
their existence seems timeless like the sky
the shadows that play on us,
trying to show us the light
captured we are in this vast sea of possibilities
caged we are in this modern society, losing value
trying to fit into a shape that is not us
calling out to others,
but forgetting our names
the corridors that we walk through
waves either heal or cut us,
water drips through
drips even through stone,
river is running dry
are we untouched by what life is?
the cold sweeps into our blood
as our roots keep on burning,
but we don't seem to see
the smoke that is rising
our souls tired, tired of walking in these shoes
who can still hear a howl?
people talk endlessly, but seldom listen
in love with their own words and voices
blind we become, as if these tears turn into ice
in the winter of our lives we'll lose everything we once knew
maybe even lose our minds, in which a ghost would
haunt those few memories that we cling to
a wolf searching for a path of old